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Important Note: Please read the following documents prior to beginning the Quick Pass Health History questionnaire. The questionnaire will refer to these documents so it is important you read them in their entirety. Please be sure to complete the questionnaire on the same day as your donation.

List of Countries
List of Medications

What is the benefit to me for completing my Quick Pass Donor Health History Questionnaire online before I donate?2017-08-18T15:44:25-05:00

The online history can reduce the length of the interview process on-site at the blood center or blood drive. It also allows you to complete your health history in the comfort and privacy of your home, office or other quiet space using a computer or mobile device.

Can I access the questionnaire from my smartphone or tablet?2017-08-18T15:44:11-05:00

Yes! We can accept a Quick Pass ticket from most mobile devices as long as our staff can scan the barcode from your device. Go to www.rrvbc.org to complete the Quick Pass health history questionnaire on your mobile device and bring the device with you when you donate.

Why do I have to complete the online Quick Pass Health History Questionnaire on the same day as my blood donation?2017-08-18T15:43:57-05:00

The US Food and Drug Administration regulate the nation’s blood centers and require that donors complete the Quick Pass Online health history the same day they donate. It is important to make sure you are feeling well and healthy and that your responses are accurate on the actual day you give blood. That’s why, when you arrive to donate, one of our Donor Care staff will take your vitals and review your answers and ask any necessary follow up questions.

How do I access the Quick Pass Online Health History?2017-08-18T15:43:40-05:00
What do I need to do before I start the questionnaire?2017-08-18T15:43:27-05:00
  • Go to our website at www.rrvbc.org and click on the Quick Pass icon?
  • Review the blood donor education materials prior to proceeding to the questionnaire.
  • Gather your personal information including medications that you take and travel information.
  • Make sure you are connected to a printer.
  • Ensure that you are in a confidential setting and that you will not be interrupted before completing the health history.
What if I don’t understand something on the questionnaire?2017-08-18T15:43:12-05:00

If there is a question(s) that you do not understand, or if you wish to talk with our staff about anything, do not leave the question blank. Select the SKIP response and a staff member will discuss with you at your donation.

After I respond to a question, can I change it later?2017-08-18T15:42:59-05:00

Once you complete the questionnaire, you can review your responses. Once you click Finish, your answers cannot be changed.

Can I stop and finish the questionnaire at a later time?2017-08-18T15:42:45-05:00

No, you cannot save the form to finish later. If you close the form before printing or emailing, your responses will be lost. You may, however, start over from the beginning after a session is closed.

How do I print or display my ticket?2017-08-18T15:42:32-05:00

You may print your Quick Pass when you’ve completed the health history or have it emailed to your mobile device that you will have with at the time of your donation. Nothing is saved online

Is the Quick Pass Health History compatible with all browsers and operating systems?2017-08-18T15:42:15-05:00

The form is compatible with the following browsers and operating systems:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer (some visual problems can be expected with older versions)