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Welcome to QuickPass!

QuickPass™ allows you to begin the blood donation process from the comfort of your home or office, saving you time at the donor center or blood drive. We think you’ll find the process quick, easy and efficient.

You must complete the QuickPass™ on the day of your donation only. Once you’ve responded to the questions, you will be given the option to print or email your QuickPass™ barcode. This is a critically important step, as the QuickPass™ barcode is what we will use at the donor center or blood drive to access your responses. We cannot access your QuickPass™ responses at the donation location – you must bring a printed copy or email it to yourself for access from your smartphone.

Three Easy Steps

Your QuickPass™ process will be completed in three easy steps:

1. READ the educational materials
2. ANSWER the health history questions
3. PRINT or EMAIL your QuickPass™ barcode

Some Things to Keep in Mind

  • You must complete the QuickPass process on the day of your donation. 

  • You must answer the questions honestly and confidentially. 

  • QuickPass does not determine your eligibility to donate; that will be done at the time of your donation. 

  • You must complete the questions in a single session. If the system times out, you will have to start over from the beginning. 

  • You will need access to a printer or a mobile device to email the results to yourself. 

  • If you are unable to access or complete your QuickPass, please contact us for additional support, or complete the questionnaire in person at your blood donation. 

  • Refer to our Donor QuickPass FAQ for answers to questions you may have about the process.

QuickPass™ is not the same as an appointment to donate. If you would like to schedule an appointment to donate blood, please schedule a donation online.
Begin My QuickPass™

Donor QuickPass™ FAQ

What is Donor QuickPass™?2020-04-29T19:16:28-05:00

Rock River Valley Blood Center’s Donor QuickPass™ is a web-based, computer-assisted self-interview program that allows blood donors like you to answer required health history questions independently, in a private setting at a time that’s convenient for you.

How does it work?2020-05-03T20:24:49-05:00

You can access Donor QuickPass™ from on the day of your donation. Using this web-based format – accessible from any computer with internet access – you are able to answer health history questions confidentially, print out a bar-coded receipt that contains your hidden responses, and bring it with you to your donation appointment.

How far in advance can I complete my Donor QuickPass™?2020-04-29T19:16:30-05:00

Your health history questions can only be completed on the same day of your blood donation. Online interviews completed prior to 12:00 AM the day of donation will be invalid, and you will have to repeat the interview at the time of your donation.

What are the benefits of using Donor QuickPass™?2020-04-29T19:16:03-05:00

Because you will have already completed your required health history questions prior to your donation, the process will potentially be shortened, reducing time away from work and personal commitments.

Are the responses kept confidential?2020-05-03T20:27:21-05:00

Yes, the only personal information printed on your donor receipt is your name. In addition, Donor QuickPass™ is designed to timeout after a period of inactivity so no one can access your confidential health history responses.

Does Donor QuickPass™ determine my eligibility to donate?2020-04-29T19:15:40-05:00

No, Donor QuickPass™ does not determine your eligibility to donate; that will be done at the time of your donation.

Is Donor QuickPass™ the same as a donation appointment?2020-04-29T19:15:30-05:00

Donor QuickPass™ is not the same as an appointment to donate. If you would like to schedule an appointment at the donor center or for a blood drive, please visit schedule a donation online.

What equipment is needed?2020-05-03T20:27:42-05:00

You’ll need high-speed internet access. A high-quality laser printer and paper are also recommended. Some ink jet printers may not provide a high-enough-quality barcode for the scanners to read.

What are the technical requirements and limitations?2020-05-03T20:29:10-05:00
  • Donor QuickPass™ has been shown to work with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • Donor QuickPass™ is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Donor QuickPass™ has been shown to work on Windows computers running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • Donor QuickPass™ requires Adobe Reader.
  • Donor QuickPass™ is supported on Android or Apple iOS mobile devices.
  • Upon completion of Donor QuickPass™ online, you can choose to email yourself a receipt and display on your mobile device at your appointment.
  • The Rock River Valley Blood Center cannot provide technical support outside of our own network boundaries. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • We appreciate your patience while we continue to expand our Donor QuickPass™ system. The Rock River Valley Blood Center strives to provide the latest technology capabilities to our donors and are diligently continuing to improve upon our technical systems.
What if I can’t access Donor QuickPass™ from my work computer?2020-04-29T19:15:16-05:00

The Rock River Valley Blood Center makes the Donor QuickPass™ available, securely through standard protocols, to all internet users. However, access to it may be restricted on some employers’ or service providers’ networks, for reasons of their own. If you have difficulty accessing or completing the Donor QuickPass™, please contact the technical support team at your organization. We cannot provide technical support outside of our own network boundaries.

Will I have to answer the questions again when I arrive to donate?2020-05-03T20:30:08-05:00

Typically, no. A staff member will scan your Donor QuickPass™ donor receipt and review your responses. In rare instances, you may have to answer the questions again at the time of donation if:

  • Your donor receipt is lost, or the bar code on the receipt cannot be read by the scanner.
  • Donor QuickPass™ is not completed on the same day as your blood donation.
  • If computer systems are down at the time of your donation.
What if I answer a question incorrectly?2020-05-03T20:35:37-05:00

You can revise your answers at the end of the questionnaire by selecting the “Revise Selected Responses” button or during the process by selecting the “Previous” button. If you have already completed the interview and printed your Donor QuickPass™ donor receipt, you should notify a staff member of your desire to change an answer.

What if I’m not sure how to answer a question?2020-05-03T20:36:53-05:00

Using Donor QuickPass™, you can skip a question and review it with a Donor Care Specialist at the time of your donation.

Am I required to answer all the questions?2020-05-03T20:37:40-05:00

Yes. You do need to answer all questions in order to print or email your QuickPass form, and all questions must be answered in order to donate. You still have the option to complete your health history interview one-to-one with a Donor Care Specialist at the time of your donation.

Does Donor QuickPass™ ask different questions than a typical health history?2020-04-29T19:14:41-05:00

No. All blood donors are asked the same required health history questions regardless of the format used to answer them.

What if I lose my barcode receipt?2020-05-03T20:41:59-05:00

Please print, save or email your barcode receipt to yourself. If you lose your barcode receipt, you will need to complete a new health history questionnaire, either online or at the donation site.

What if I am unable to donate after I have completed the Donor QuickPass™?2020-04-29T19:14:19-05:00

The Rock River Valley Blood Center realizes our donors sometimes face scheduling issues that can interfere with their planned donation. However, because your interview responses must be answered on the day of your donation, you will need to answer them again if you reschedule your donation for another day.

Why do I have to answer questions every time I donate?2020-05-03T20:43:18-05:00

All donors complete a new health history interview before each donation as a safety measure for both the recipient and the donor.

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