Rock River Valley Blood Center (RRVBC) donors who share the priceless gift of blood donation can expand their giving abilities through a new partnership with Bio-Linked™, a groundbreaking database system that helps facilitate crucial medical research.

Bio-Linked™ matches generous donors with the nation’s most promising research studies. Donors could be the link to a cure for life-threatening diseases.

Donors can simply sign up for Bio-Linked™ through the Rock River Valley Blood Center when they stop by to give blood or by visiting The program is completely voluntary. While each research project is different, some have budgets for paying individuals for their participation.

“By implementing this lifesaving initiative at our center, we are not only a part of saving lives on a daily basis, but we are also a part of something much bigger, finding cures for diseases,” said Lisa Entrikin, CEO of the Rock River Valley Blood Center.

 An estimated 16,000 clinical studies are underway at any given time in the United States. The biggest delay in bringing new drugs and treatments to market is caused by the time required to find willing individuals to participate in research and development.

“From cancer to autoimmune diseases and metabolic disorders, Bio-Linked™ is a critical tool to match researchers to the people they need to help them advance their studies,” said Dr. John Armitage, president & CEO of Oklahoma Blood Institute, the blood center that developed Bio-Linked™. “It’s really the time in medicine to unlock the power of the individual, and we have so many wonderful individuals who unlock life-changing treatments.”

All information provided to Bio-Linked™ is kept entirely confidential. Bio-Linked™ will contact potential participants if they’re a match for a study, which may involve blood samples or voluntary participation.

Individuals feeling healthy and well are encouraged to schedule a donation appointment at, on the myRRVBC app, or by calling 815-965-8751. Walk-ins are also welcome at one of the four Rock River Valley Blood Center donor centers in Rockford, Belvidere, or Freeport, or at a mobile blood drive.