The following statement has been issued by AABB, America’s Blood Centers and the American Red
Cross regarding the status of the nation’s blood supply:

The country’s supply of COVID-19 convalescent plasma is depleting amid surging COVID-19 cases
across the U.S. With convalescent plasma demand outpacing donations from individuals recovered from
COVID-19 by more than 7,000 units in November, the availability of plasma to meet patient need is of
increasing concern. Convalescent plasma is needed to ensure health care providers have all the treatment
options available for patients battling COVID-19.

AABB, America’s Blood Centers, and the American Red Cross are joining together to urge
individuals who have recovered from COVID-19 to make and keep an appointment to donate
plasma now. Convalescent plasma can only be collected from individuals who have recovered from
COVID-19 and is currently being used as a treatment option for patients who have been hospitalized with
COVID-19. While additional treatments for COVID-19 are evolving, plasma from survivors has become
a vital therapeutic option for patients battling the virus.

As COVID-19 cases throughout the country have risen, demand for plasma has exceeded collections by
between 1,000 and 1,500 units per day over the past month. As of Dec. 9, 2020, there are approximately
100,000 Americans hospitalized with COVID-19. Experts are predicting this number will continue to
increase throughout the next few weeks and with few therapeutic options for COVID-19, many of these
patients may need convalescent plasma. Donations of plasma from those recovered from COVID-19 are
urgently needed today and throughout the holiday season to ensure an adequate supply is available for
patients in need now and throughout the winter.