The Rock River Valley Blood Center (RRVBC) is excited to announce the launch of new donor loyalty programs designed to encourage blood and platelet donations: the Four Seasons Club, the Spin 6 VIP program, and Never Miss a Monday.

As RRVBC is facing a critical blood shortage which is placing an immense strain on the community’s blood supply, these inaugural programs will aim to encourage new and existing donors to consistently and continually donate lifesaving blood and platelets. RRVBC is the sole provider of blood to 14 local hospitals and requires 800 donors every week to meet the ongoing demand.

Never Miss a Monday

Every Monday through August 26, individuals who donate at any of the four RRVBC locations will receive a gift from a local business. The first 100 people who come in to donate will receive a special gift. Today’s gift is a gift card from Prairie Street Brewing Company.

Four Seasons Club

The Four Seasons Club encourages donors to contribute once during each season: winter, spring, summer, and fall. With donations allowed every eight weeks, participants can easily plan their donations each season throughout the year. Upon completing the seasonal donations, donors will receive a punch on their Four Seasons Club card. Once all four punches are collected, participants will receive a gift valued at $100.

Spin 6 VIP Program

The Spin 6 VIP program is designed for platelet donors, encouraging them to donate six times a year. Platelet donations are vital for patients undergoing treatments for cancer, traumatic injuries, and surgeries. Platelets only last 7 days, so maintaining an adequate inventory is extremely challenging. Participants in the Spin 6 VIP program will receive a punch on their club card for each donation. Upon completing six donations, donors will receive a gift valued at $100.

“The need for blood and platelet donations is constant and critical – especially right now as we are working to increase donations to combat our recent critical shortage. We hope these new programs will incentivize regular donations and help us maintain a steady supply for our community’s patients,” said Heidi Ognibene, Chief Operating Officer at RRVBC. “If each of our donors gave multiple times a year instead of just once, we would never face shortages. Through these programs we also aim to recognize and reward the generosity of our dedicated donors.”

RRVBC encourages the community to step up and make a difference. To participate in the Four Seasons Club, Spin 6 VIP program, or Never Miss a Monday and contribute to saving lives, individuals are encouraged to schedule a donation appointment by visiting, using the myRRVBC app, or calling 815-965-8751. Walk-ins are also welcome.

For more information about the Four Seasons Club, Spin 6 VIP program, and Never Miss a Monday visit or contact the Rock River Valley Blood Center at 815-965-8751.